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The Product


MixerMaid™ is a holder for the three basic KitchenAid® Mixer attachments. It solves the problem of damage to KitchenAid® mixer attachments due to lack of reasonable storage. MixerMaid™ ends the frustration of trying to use a KitchenAid® stand mixer while fumbling with the attachments. MixerMaid™ hangs under or inside a cabinet or pantry, using an included mounting bracket. It can be used while hanging, or can easily be removed from the bracket to sit on the countertop. As a kitchen organizer, it not only offers convenient storage, but also helps to keep the KitchenAid® mixer attachments clean. Whether hanging, or on the counter, MixerMaid™ blends in with almost any décor, making it a great kitchen cupboard organizer, kitchen organizer, kitchen utensil holder, or kitchen pantry organizer.