The Best KitchenAid® Mixer Attachment Ever

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MixerMaid™ is a holder for the three basic KitchenAid® Mixer attachments. It solves the problem of damage to KitchenAid® mixer attachments due to lack of reasonable storage. MixerMaid™ ends the frustration of trying to use a KitchenAid® stand mixer while fumbling with the attachments. MixerMaid™ hangs under or inside a cabinet or pantry, using an included mounting bracket. It can be used while hanging, or can easily be removed from the bracket to sit on the countertop. As a kitchen organizer, it not only offers convenient storage, but also helps to keep the KitchenAid® mixer attachments clean. Whether hanging, or on the counter, MixerMaid™ blends in with almost any d├ęcor, making it a great kitchen cupboard organizer, kitchen organizer, kitchen utensil holder, or kitchen pantry organizer.

What our customers are saying! Some of our recent testimonials

Kelly Maney of Boise, ID says:

"Since getting the MixerMaid™, I use my mixer more. It's been great to not have to dig in my drawers to find the attachments. They are right behind the mixer, out of the way till I need them. Even my daughter likes the fact that they are easily accessible, and easy to put away. Thank you MixerMaid? ."

Liz Crosby of Cascade, ID says:

"The MixerMaid™ was so easy to install, four screws and you're done. No more trying to put them in a drawer or find them when I need them. The MixerMaid™ is a great product that I would recommend to all KitchenAid® owners."

Ronelle Weber of Boise, ID says:

"I have had the pleasure of using the MixerMaid™ in my kitchen since 1996. I was using the original prototype till January of 2004. The MixerMaid™ is attractive and helps to keep my attachments organized and readily available. I love it! Great invention!"

Sasmz of Northwest, MO says:

" recently purchased the MixerMaid™ . It was so easy to install. It keeps your attachments up and out of the way, thus keeping your drawer space available for other items."

Patti Miller-Boardman in Ohio says:

"MixerMaid™ is a great product! I ordered one a few weeks ago, and it is a dream! I used to store my extra two attachments right inside the bowl, until I accidentally hit the "on" switch! Now, all the attachments are conveniently stored on the countertop behind the mixer. I no longer have to worry about an unplanned fiasco! Although I have a 6- Qt. Professional Series Mixer, the item still works great! What a clever idea! Thanks for designing this much needed organizer!"

Joanie Cox in St. Louis, MO says:

"MixerMaid™ is the Bomb! No more searching the drawers or pantry for my attachments. Easy to install, keeps my beaters in great condition and I love the fact that I'm no longer loosing time looking for the mixer attachments. This is the best product I've ever really should purchase one."